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Question: The closest meaning of 你想用吗 [nĭ xiăng yòng ma] is

Hint: would like to.
1 你正在用吗 are you using (it)? 2  你要用吗 do you want to use it? 3  你想有人要用吗 do you think someone wants to use it? 你想用吗 would you like to use it? The modal verb xiǎng is placed before the main verb of a sentence. For instance, 我想买车 wǒ xiǎng mǎi chē I would like to buy a car.

Choose the answer
你正在用吗 [nĭ zhèngzài yòng ma]
2. 你要用吗  
[nĭ yào yòng ma]
3. 你想有人要用吗
[nĭ xiăng yŏurén yào yòng ma]