M.Phil Year 2 Translation 06HT Week 8

Mind your language
Do you speak Chinglish?

1.  That works out at three a day; three that might include, for example, shouji (mobile), anjie (mortgage) and yiyeqing (one-night stand) - all recent additions to the country's dictionaries.

2.  Most are imported from the west, and a few, like WTO, are so ubiquitous that newspapers will print them in roman script, in the midst of Chinese characters.

3.  Few of the businessmen who toss around the phrase shuang ying ("double win") in meetings realize that it was first used on November 15 1999, when officials issuing a Sino-American joint announcement struggled to find an existing equivalent to the American "win-win situation".

4.  Youth TV presenters were recently warned to curb their use of English words.

5.  To ensure that new coinages are written in the same way in each of them, allowing nationwide communication, officials in Beijing must constantly liaise with different regions.