zhǎng                rise; go up; swell

一旦                ydn                once; in case

泄漏                xilu               leak; leakage

曝光                boguāng          be exposed; be known to the public

哗然                hurn              in an uproar; in commotion

舰队                jindu              fleet

标榜                biāobǎng          flaunt; advertise; parade

倾倒                qīngdo           dump; pour out

回收                hushōu            recycle; recycling
质询                zhxn              address inquiries to; ask for an explanation

布拉德肖       Blādxiāo       Ben Bradshaw

暗示                nsh               hint; imply; suggest

捎带       shāodi            take along sth. to or for sb.