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The majority of short-term programs are for cooperation programs, which are organized jointly by Peking University and a foreign university or educational institution. Individual applications are reviewed separately.

The required level of Mandarin proficiency of students in cooperation programs will be determined upon agreement between Peking University and each foreign university or educational institution. 

Schedule Current Cooperation Programs Semester Programs Application Procedures
Expenditure General Curriculum Accommodations  


Cooperation Programs Peking University, in cooperation with foreign universities and educational institutions, makes great effort to promote short-term programs. The specific curriculum of each cooperation program will be determined upon mutual agreement.

Current Cooperation Programs

Short-term Mandarin Enhancement Programs:

·         February ---- March

·         June ---- July

·         June  ---- August

·         August  ---- September

Semester Programs

Application Procedures

Cooperation Programs

·         Any foreign school or institution interested in a joint program at Peking University may contact us directly to discuss about specific terms of cooperation.

·         Applicants may apply through the foreign school or institution working with Peking University. Applicants should fill out the International Student Application Form for Short-term Studies at Peking University. Applicants should make sure that the original copy of the application form should be received by the International Students Division two months before class starts.

Applicants should submit following materials to the International Students Division of Peking University.

·         Complete International Student Application Form for Short-term Studies at Peking University (typed or printed), with a passport size photo

·         A photocopy of Passport Information page

·         Group applicants should pay the application fee upon admission.

·         The full amount of the tuition must be paid one time upon registration.

·         The application fee and application materials are non-refundable.

·         Applicants are required to have medical insurance for hospitalization and accidents. Those who have their own insurance are required to obtain proof documents (in English or Chinese) from insurance companies and submit them to Peking University upon registration. Those who do not have insurance are required to purchase insurance during registration.

·         If there are more than five students of cooperative programs who enter or leave China through Beijing together, Peking University will provide ground transportation service. 


·         Application Fee: 400RMB per person

·         Tuition (textbooks, visits to historical sites, and excursions included)

Two-week course3,100RMB

Three-week course3,600RMB

Four-week course4,200RMB

Six-week course5,500RMB

Eight-week course6,900RMB

Semester course13,600RMB

Estimated Living Expenditure: approximately 1,200RMB per month, medical care and personal activities excluded.

General Curriculum

A. Class hours: Monday to Friday, four hours per day, twenty hours per week, with extracurricular activities on Saturday.

B. Mandarin Course

1. Mandatory courses: Intensive Reading, Spoken Chinese, Pronunciation, Listening Comprehension and Video Course.

2. Elective courses: Chinese Folklore, Translation, Rhetoric, Writing, Newspaper Reading, Classical Chinese, and Selected Readings from Contemporary Chinese Literature, etc. All courses aim to improve the student’s the ability to use Mandarin in real-life circumstances.

C. Classes Arrangements upon Mandarin Proficiency elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes are provided. Students are arranged according to the results of the Mandarin placement exam after admission. There are about fifteen students in a class.

D. Chinese Culture Interactions

·         Shadowboxing (Taijiquan), Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, visits to traditional Beijing residential area (hutong), etc.

·         Weekend trips to Datong and Taiyuan in ShanxiProvince, Chengde in HebeiProvince, MountTai and Qufu in ShandongProvince, Inner MongoliaProvince, and other historical and cultural sites.

·         Trips to Luoyang, Xi'an, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

E. Documents Students will receive a Peking University Student ID card upon registration, a program certificate and an official transcript upon completion of the program.


A. Student rooms in Shaoyuan Building No. 9: with colour TV, telephone, Internet access, air conditioner and bathroom; two persons share one room.

B. King-size rooms in Shaoyuan Building: with colour TV, telephone, refrigerator, Internet access, bathroom, and air conditioner; two persons share one room.

D. Student rooms in Posts and Telecommunications Hotel: with air conditioner, colour TV, telephone, bathroom, and room-cleaning service, about 5 minutes away from Peking University campus by foot.

In addition, international students are allowed to live off campus; however, they have to register about their residency at the local police station.