Chinese Multimedia

List of Lessons


You will hear the main dialogues at normal conversation speed. This may seem quite fast initially, but if you work through the exercises as listed below you will soon understand each word, and will also be able to apply what you have learned to real situations.

1. Borrowing a bike

2. Teacher's house

3. Chinese Department

4. Asking questions

5. An evening out

6. Having a chat

7. Looking for a room


8. At the barber's

9. At the neighbours

10. The dry cleaner's

11. At the market place

12. Visiting a sick friend

13. Meeting a friend

14. Discussing foreign travel

15. At the park

16. Buying a train ticket

17. Buying a calligraphy brush

18. Asking about the homework

19. At the cinema

20. Welcoming a student

21. In the hostel

22. Catching a thief