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Question: When a person says: 今天晚上你我家吧 [jīntiān wănshang nĭ wŏjiā ba]. The person must be
implies that the action is directed away from the speaker.
1 在自己的家 at his own home. 2 不在自己的家 not at his own home. 3 在朋友家 at a friend’s home. 今天晚上你我家吧 why don’t you go to my house this evening? (The speaker is speaking away from his own home.)

Choose the answer
1. 在自己的家
[zài zìjĭ de jiā]
2. 不在自己的家
[zài zìjĭ de jiā]
3. 在朋友家
[zài péngyou jiā]