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Question: The closest meaning to 哦,那一定很有意思 [o, nà yídìng hĕn yŏu yìsi] is
有意思 interesting.
1 那件事有一定的意思 that has certain implications. 2 那件事有很多意思 that has many meanings. 3 那非常有趣 that must be very interesting. 哦,那一定很有意思 that must be very interesting.

Choose the answer
1. 那件事有一定的意思
[nà jiàn shì yŏu yídìng de yìsi]
2. 那件事有很多意思
[nà jiàn shì yŏu hĕn duō yìsi]
3. 那非常有趣
[nà fēicháng yŏu qù]