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Grammar Notes for lesson 6

Duplicate verbs

A verb is duplicated to soften the tone of voice, especially when used at the end of a sentence, as in 你 给 他 介 绍 介 绍 qǐng nǐ gěi tā jièshaojièshao please tell him about it. (See lesson 1)

Resultative verb phrases

A resultative verb phrase is used to describe the result of an action. It is formed by an action verb and its result, as in 我 吃 完 了 wǒ chī wán le I finished eating. The verb is to eat, the result of the eating is finished, so the resultative verb phrase is eating to a finish.

Attributive clause with 的 de

An attributive clause is used to modify a noun preceded by 的 de. The clause can be formed from a word or a phrase, as in 一 个 很 好 的 朋 友 yí ge hěn hǎo de péngyou a very good friend and 我 从 小 王 那 儿 借 来 的 书 wǒ cǒng Xiǎo Wáng nàr jiè lái de shū the book which I borrowed from Xiao Wang.