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Lesson 1

Video and Text
Listening and Speaking
Grammar Exercises
Multiple Choice


{short description of image} Chinese

借 车
A:小王,你好!audio icon
B:你好,忙吗 ? audio icon
A:不忙,我刚下课。这是你的车吗?audio icon
B:是啊。audio icon
A:你现在用吗 ?audio icon
B:不用,你想用吗 ?audio icon
A:我用一下,行吗?audio icon
B:行。audio icon
A:谢谢,我去邮局买邮票。 audio icon
B:哦,那不是我的车,我的车在这儿。audio icon





{short description of image} Pinyin

A: Xiǎo Wáng, nǐ hǎo!audio icon
B: Nǐ hǎo, máng ma?audio icon
A: Bù máng, wǒ gāng xiàkè. Zhè shì nǐ de chē ma?audio icon
B: Shì icon
A: Nǐ xiànzài yòng ma?audio icon
B: Bú yòng, nǐ xiǎng yòng ma?audio icon
A: Wǒ yòng yíxià, xíng ma?audio icon
B: Xí icon
A: Xièxie, wǒ qù yóujú mǎi yóupiào. audio icon
B: Ò, nà bú shì wǒ de chē, wǒ de chē zài zhè icon





{short description of image} English

A: Hello, Xiao icon
B: Hello, (are you) busy?audio icon
A: No, I have just finished my class. Is this your bike?audio icon
B: icon
A: Are you using (it) now?audio icon
B: No. Do you want to use (it)?audio icon
A: Well, I would like to use (it) for a little while. Is that OK?audio icon icon
A: Thanks. I'm going to the post office to buy (some) icon
B: Oh, that isn't my bike. This is my bike icon