Answers for the Passive with Exercises


Fill in the gaps in the following sentences.

1.      我的车被偷走.

2.      我妈妈昨天作的菜都我们吃完.

3.      小王写的那几个汉字都被挂在教室的墙上.

4.      哪条语法王老师讲得清清楚楚.


Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

1.      你看, 一锅(guō)饭都被吃完!

2.      房子被整理好了可是花园还跟以前一样糟(zāo).

3.      你的照相机小王借走, 不是小李借的. Or 你的照相机是小王借的, 不是小李借的.

4.      桌子上的饭都吃完.我们没有吃到饭.


Translate the following sentences into English. Change the following sentences into sentences, where possible.

1.      His novel took three years to write, it has just now been finished.

2.      He removed that table into the room.

3.      Xiao Li bought four shirts, but all were too small for him to wear.

4.      I have finished cooking, let’s eat right away.

5.      I called twice, but the call was not put through.

6.      Please can you tidy the room? In a little while the guests will be arriving.

7.      Can you repair the television for me?

8.      She had finished singing two songs, but the audience wanted her to sing another.

1. 他的小说被写了三年, 现在才写好.

2. 那张桌子搬进房间里去.


Make sentences with the following information.

1.      苹果都他一个个地放在桌子上.

2.      我们都需要的书老师拿回家去.

3.      在餐厅最好吃的饭常常被吃完.

4.      那个汉字小李写错.

5.      一瓶啤酒都喝完.

6.      他女朋友扔到花园里去.

7.      那本小说他老师翻译成英文.

8.      给女朋友的信忘在教室里.