Answers for Resultative Complement Exercises

 English-Chinese translation.

1.      他把那本小说翻译了汉语.

2.      李先生把那个汉字写.

3.      你想我把这张照片放.

4.      我去了很多书店, 可是我还没找那本书.

5.      我把你的电视搬客厅.

6.      现在没有人想买茶具了. 我在商店有十套茶具, 可是.

7.      昨天王先生说话快得我连一个字也没听.

8.      今天上午我把李先生的问题回答.

9.      你看你的衣服, 那么脏, 怎么洗干净?

10.  我已经把我的作业交李先生了.

11.  你把票放,别丢失了!

12.   你学动词补语了没有?

13.  你说什么? 我没听.

14.  请您把您的箱子打好吗?

15.  请你把句子写清楚好吗?我觉得你写的字很难看.

16.  你有什么给我吃的吗?我饿!

17.  我把你的书房整理. 你想()我多少钱?

18.  别坐桌子!

19.  昨天我去食堂太晚了, 所以我没吃晚饭.

20.  这个学期学的汉字你都记了吗?


Multiple choices

1.      我今天就能看这本书.

2.      请您把茶拿过去给老师.

3.      我听了你刚说的话, 可是没听.

4.      小王把卖字写买了

5.      我们已经说了这个问题可是没说清楚.

6.      昨天我们学第几课?


Fill in the gaps

1. 书店里的书昨天就卖了,你现在才去买一定不着.

The books in the bookshop had already been sold out yesterday, if you only go there now you won’t be able to get it.

2.  古波今天收他妈妈寄他的信.

    Today Gubo received the letter that her mum had sent him.

3.  这本小说你快看?

    Have you nearly finished reading this novel?

4.  你这个字写, 这里少了一笔.

    The character you have miswritten lacks one stroke here.

5.  你们给我作得太多了, 我一个人怎么得完?

    You have made far too much for me, how am I alone to eat it all?

6.   那个地方很好找, 你只要记在图书馆的东边.

     That place is easy to find, remember, it is on the east side of the library.

7.   你带的东西不多, 一个人得动.

     The things you have brought along are not very many, one person can manage (to

      carry them).

8.   外边下着大雨, .

      It has been raining heavily outside and you won’t be able to go out.

9.   A: 那两人是谁? B: 哪儿? 我怎么不见?

      A: Who are those two people? B: Where? How come I can’t see them.

10. 今天我带的钱不多, 我应该回家拿点儿.

      Today I did not bring along a lot of money, I should go home and get some more.

11.  去年住这儿的人搬.我们想明天搬进去.

       Last year, the people living here moved out/house.  We hope to move in tomorrow.

12.  前面走过来一个人我想跑过去问问他图书馆在哪儿.

       There is a person is approaching.  I’m running up to him and ask him where the

        library was.

13.  你们都坐下来.别看见我来了就都站起来.

       All of you sit down.  You don’t have to stand up, when you see me coming.

14.  我多买些带回去给我朋友也尝尝.

       I’ll buy a lot and bring them back for my friends to have a try.

15.   请你跑楼上给我拿一本书 下来.

       Could you please go upstairs to fetch me a book?