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Dear all

SOAS, Cambridge, Coventry and many other universities have recently replaced their analogue language labs with digital systems. The 'new generation' lab systems are very much in tune with modern education philosophy, and provide a student-centred teaching and learning environment. I believe we should follow the same path as other universities and make our teaching more flexible and student-friendly. In the long term, digital systems will mean we can cut down on our workload.

The Oriental Institute Curators' Committee asked for the Oriental Institute instructors' opinions on the replacement of the digital language laboratories in the Oriental Institute and the Institute for Chinese Studies. In September this year, three language instructors and the Oriental Institute IT officer went to see Portsmouth University's digital language lab. Two brief reports on this trip were made: please see the links below. I am sure you are all too busy to attend a meeting during term, but I hope you can answer the following questions by submitting your replies to me, so that he can report back to the Curators’ Committee at their next meeting.

I propose that in week nine MT05 we should hold a workshop where the Oriental Studies language instructors can exchange their ideas on the development of multimedia language teaching materials.


Report from Ms Hiroe Kaji          Report from Mr Shio-yun Kan

Please take the time to read the above documents and answer the following question.

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If we have a new system, would you be fully committed to making full use of the system in your teaching?
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