2nd Year MPhil Week 5 TT04

Topic: Cults

Translate the following highlighted sentences  into Chinese.

Wednesday, December 08, 1999 updated at  14:00

China Bans Falun Gong

China Against US Double Standard on Falun Gong Cult

     China is indignant over the US government's double standard on the Falun Gong Sect. The US appears to be totally oblivious to the pernicious influence of the sect in China and continues to meddle in China's internal affairs, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhang Qiyue said on December 7.

     In reply to a question that US President Bill Clinton expressed concern over China's stance on dealing with the Falun Gong cult yesterday, Zhang Qiyue said China urges the US government to take back comments made on the sect that might place new obstacles to Sino-US relations.

     According to incomplete statistics, more than 1,400 people have died practising Falun Gong. Many practitioners have lost their mind and families have broken up, causing untoll social problems, she said.

     "Numerous undisputed facts have shown that the Falun Gong cult undermines Chinese society and harms the Chinese people," said Zhang, adding that the vast majority of Falun Gong practitioners have come to realize the destructive nature of the cult and that the Chinese government banned the cult according to law, protecting basic human rights and freedom of all Chinese citizens.

     The government's action against the cult has won unanimous support from the Chinese people including the religious personnel, said Zhang, adding that the international community, including an increasing number of the Americans are now realizing the deleterious influence of the Falun Gong cult.