2nd year language classes



Title of class Colloquial Chinese

Contact hour One hour a week

Student preparation time Three hours a week

Size of class No more than seven students

Material used Multimedia Spoken Chinese textbook and CDROM produced by the CTCFL




  1. Consolidating students’ basic communicative skills that are taught in the previous year
  2. Teaching colloquial Chinese expressions and sentence patterns at the intermediate level
  3. Providing students with passive experience of how the language is used by the natives
  4. To prepare students for the Mods
  5. To build a good language foundation for the period abroad




  1. Students are able to learn about 600 new expressions and over 110 colloquial sentence patterns with in 16 weeks
  2. Students are able to develop their language skills through reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  3. Students are able to apply the correct expressions in some controlled circumstances such as translation, role-play exercises and language tests.


How to achieve


Chinese is the working language in classroom.

The six lessons of Multimedia Spoken Chinese consists must be completed within 15 weeks. One week should be spent on the revision before the Mods. Each lesson should be finished within two to three weeks.  Students are required to learn about 34 expressions or sentence patterns each week. The passive language skills such as listening and reading are carried out by students at home. Students are expected to spend a  hour a day and five days a week to learn the materials from Multimedia Spoken Chinese. The classroom time is only used for the development of  students active language skills such as applying the expressions that they have learned in speaking.  Both vocabulary and expressions are tested every two weeks.