Title of class language tutorial

Contact hour one hour a week

Student preparation time three hours a week (one hour on oral presentation or essay and two hours on translation)

Size of class two students in a group

Material selected by the teacher according to the topics that are decided at the beginning of term.



  1. To perfect students’ oral presentation skills

  2. To teach English-Chinese translation skills

  3. To develop Chinese writing skills

  4. To consolidate writing of Chinese characters


  1. Students are asked to complete one price of 300 words written translation from English into Chinese every week.

  2. One piece of 350-400 Chinese characters essay or an oral presentation lasting for five to ten minutes is required from a student every alternative week. The topics for these tasks are taken from the list given at the beginning of term.


How to achieve


The oral presentation should be prepared before the tutorial and it should be delivered uninterrupted during the tutorial. Notes such as mispronounced and misused words should be taken by the teacher and any correctly used new expressions in a presentation should also be taken down and to be explained to the other student after the presentation is completed. Ten minutes should be spent on discussing the presentation.

An unseen passage of 300 words should be handed to students during a tutorial session. Students are allowed five minutes to read through the passage and to plan their translation. Students should be made aware of the styles of the language used in the passage during the five minutes preparation. After that students should take in turns to translate the passage into Chinese sentence by sentence. This should be done in the workshop format: while one is reading out loud his translation, the other should write down the translation on a piece of paper, and vice versa. The teacher’s role is to guide students if necessary. Additional translation assignment should be give to students before the end of the tutorial. Both translation assignments and essays should be handed in by the end of  each week and all the assignments should be marked and returned back to students with comments in the following session.