The 10 relevant points to the W4 reading comprehension exercises

(1) Made China feel proud.

(2) Has made a great contribution to our national security, and has earned China’s international dignity and military dignity.

(3)The industry is in the process of its second stage of development, in which many breakthroughs have been made. Qinshan and Dayawan are running safely and steadily,

(4) A few more nuclear power station projects in the process of the construction.

(5)A joint management of military and civilian in the industry has been initially formed.

(6) The industry must absolutely implement the instructions from the Fifteenth Conference of the CCCP to complete all the nuclear projects and must successfully carry out the reforms in its management of the industry . China will have a solid foundation for the nuclear industry in the 21st Century.

(7)1997 was the year when the nuclear industry strongly promoted the key projects; it was the year when the industry was freed from its difficult position and was the year the industry positively searched for new way of development and reform

(8)In 97 Qinshan produced over 20 billion KWh electricity; Dayawan produced 118 billion KWh electricity.

(9) By the year 2000 China’s nuclear power stations and its technology for nuclear fuel will develop even further.

(10)The 4 projects which were approved for the 9th Five-year Plan, namely the 8 nuclear generators of Qinshan 2, Qinshan 3, Shenzhenlin and Lianyun Harbour nuclear power stations will reach their peak period of construction, installation and trial-operation.