The 10 relevant points to the W5 reading comprehension exercises


1. The sectors covered include, among others, steel, power, petrochemicals, coal, transport, communications, electronics, machinery, light industry, textiles, building materials, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, health, education, and environmental protection.

2. The total value of the imported items amounts to $65,000,000,000.

3. By combining trade in industrial goods with trade in technology, it is possible to develop excellence in both areas and allow them to complement each other.

4. Since 1991 the company has signed wide-ranging contracts with the following: the Ministry of Chemical Industry; the Baoshan Iron and Steel Company; the Wuhan Iron and Steel Company; the Tianjin Seamless Steel Tube Company; the China Yangzi 3 Gorges Project Development Corporation;  

5. and further government industry departments and large enterprises as well as the Inner Mongolian and Xinjiang provincial governments and Jiaxing City. 

6. Close relationships have been made between relevant departments and local governments within China, which widen the company’s influence, and safeguard the development of the company’s import business.

7. The company upholds the principles of mutual benefit, and trustworthiness and honesty in trade dealings.

8. It promotes a system of guarantees and high quality service, opens up links between sectors and pushes forward multi-faceted co-operation.  All these are particular characteristics of the company.

9. As far as the outside world is concerned the company upholds the principles of mutual benefit, an emphasis on the importance of contracts and the maintenance of trustworthiness.

10.  The company has established good business relationships and co-operation with several thousand enterprises in over 40 nations and regions.