Collections  for Michaelmas Term 2008

Collections will take place on Friday, 10th October 2008 at the Institute for Chinese Studies

Second Year:

2pm in Room 207:

Colloquial Chinese (T’ung & Pollard) and Unseen Text (1.5 hours)

          3:30pm in Room 207:

Classical Chinese (1.5 hours)

Third Year:

          9:30am in Room 207: Modern Language (3 hours)

 Fourth Year:

1pm in Room 206:

Modern Chinese (1.5 hours)

2:30pm in Room 206:

Option Texts (1.5 hours), translation and essay (Translations only for Politics and Society)

Subsidiary Language: Japanese, Tibetan and Korean (1 hour)

4pm in Room 206:

Special Language: Linguistics, Korean (1 hour)

M. Phil Second Year:

          9:30am in Room 206: Modern Language (3 hours)