Chinese paper II


Modern Chinese


 June 2004, 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.




Translate the following sentences into Chinese. Sentences 1-6 should be written in abbreviated script, sentences 7-12 in unabbreviated script.


1.    All the expensive stamps in the post office have been moved out of the counters by the new clerk, so that customers will not be able to buy any more.


2.    It was really annoying. I spent a year learning how to make Chinese style padded jackets, but this winter is so warm that no one wants to wear thick clothes.


3.    Yesterday the guide in Lu Xun’s old residence told me that Guo Moruo and Lao She’s homes will also be open to the visitors soon.


4.    Gubo has left his Grammar book in the sports ground. Why don’t you go there and fetch it for him, as he is busy packing his luggage for China.


5.    Although these British porcelain tea sets don’t look as beautiful as the Chinese ones, they are better made and are much cheaper.


6.    The college doctor who used to live upstairs moved out three months ago. Why can’t the teacher who teaches architecture move in? I think the flat is big enough for her family.


7.    I didn’t know that the doctor had already moved out. Could you please quickly tell the Director of the Institute, so that other people who have been waiting can have a place to stay?


8.    When I was eating in a snack bar with a friend of mine yesterday, I saw the old overseas Chinese, Mr. Zhang Huaguang, coming in with a young American girlfriend.


9.    After very slowly parked his new car in the back of the Modern History Museum, the driver got out and pointed at the building and said: “Sorry, have you been waiting here for long?”


10.Your younger brother writes Chinese characters extremely well. The Chinese poem that he wrote yesterday was really nice to look at. Even the people who didn’t understand Chinese thought it was a good poem.


11.I haven’t read any French books since I left school; I can’t even remember a single word. I must revise properly before going there.


12.It was last May that my next door neighbour,  Palanka brought a Japanese writer to the institute to talk to us about Japanese history, but I have forgotten what he said then.





Translate the following passage into English.






Analyse the following sentences (which must be translated) to show their component clauses and phrases, and state the function of individual words and phrases.



1.  茶都喝完了


2.  把画拿过来给我看看。


3.  中国大使馆从明天开始不办签证了。


4.  我们一共才四、五个人,吃不了多少,叫三、四个菜就够了。