First Year

Topics for Mods tutorials in Chinese history and civilization:

Please sign up on separate notice for your choice for this term by 1 p.m. Monday of 1st week (15 January). There will be a limit of 8 students for any one option on a first-come-first-served basis, except that preference will be given to 2nd year students.

Chinese Literature: Dr Liu will see students at 2.30 on Tuesday of 1st Week in her room in Wadham.

Traditional Chinese Fiction: Dr Starr will see students on Tuesday of 1st Week at 9.30 in her room.

Economics and Society in Traditional China: Dr Askew, Dr Askew will inform you when to meet.

Traditional Chinese Historiography: Ms DHaeseleer will see students at 9.30 on Wednesday of 1st week in room 102.

Chinese Art: Mrs Vainker will contact you to arrange the first meeting.

Language Tutorials:  See the separate posted timetable of modern Chinese teaching for tutorial arrangements with Ms Hu, and the CTCFL website (follow links to “student diary”)


Premodern East Asian Survey Course: 4-5 pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. See