The first year language teaching programme

Tasks for students

The programme will be taught based on Practical Chinese Reader (PCR) books I and II using the analytical approach. The following tasks should be completed before the End of First Year Language Collection

  • Students are expected to read and write all the New Words of the PCR in both abbreviated and unabbreviated forms.
  • Students are also expected to recognise the Supplementary Words, but not necessarily to write them.
  • Students are expected to understand and apply correctly the basic grammar points when translating into Chinese including all the aspects, verb complements, the BA and passive constructions.
  • Students are expected to read out loud accurately the texts from the PRC and to answer questions that are related to the texts.
  • Students are expected to mast the pinyin pronunciation system.
  • Students are expected to explain in Chinese the meaning of the words taken from the PCR.