Second Year

Applications for travel grants should be put in Dr Liu’s tray in the office by Tuesday of 2nd week (22 January).

A China Briefing session on the study period in Beijing will be held on Wednesday of Week 3 (31 January) at 1 pm in the Common Room. Sandwiches will be served for lunch. (Hard copies of the Handbook for studying in Beijing can be obtained from the ICS Office.)


The Mods written examinations are provisionally scheduled to take place on the 12th and 13th March 2007 (Monday and Tuesday of 9th week) in the Examination Schools.  The oral exam will take place on 9th March (Friday of 8th week).

Topics for Mods tutorials in Chinese history and civilization:

Please sign up on separate notice for your choice for this term by 1 p.m. Monday of 1st week (15 January). There will be a limit of 8 students for any one option on a first-come-first-served basis, except that preference will be  given to 2nd year students.

Chinese Literature: Dr Liu will see students at 2.30 on Tuesday of 1st Week in her room in Wadham.

Traditional Chinese Fiction: Dr Starr will see students on Tuesday of 1st Week at 9.30 in her room.

Economics and Society in Traditional China: Dr Askew, who will inform you when the meeting takes place

Traditional Chinese Historiography: Ms DHaeseleer will see students at 9.30 on Wednesday of 1st week in room 102.

Chinese Art: Mrs Vainker will contact you to arrange the first meeting.

Language Tutorials:  See the posted timetable on the CTCFL website (follow links to “student diary”)