Third Year

Special Language Paper:

All those not doing Additional Language Tibetan, Japanese, or Korean should have already signed up for your Special Language Paper. Anyone who did not do so, please let Dr Liu know.

          Language Paper based on Special Texts: this paper will examine students on passages based on extended reading from the books already prescribed for their Special Texts. There will be differences between the various Special Texts options: some texts are extracts from longer works, in which case students, under guidance, would be expected to read more passages on their own from the complete work; other shorter works by the same or contemporary authors will also be introduced. In any case, you will be given guidance from the tutors of your Special Texts for further reading, in tutorials that will be arranged, but the bulk of the reading will be done by the students by themselves.

          Linguistics: Dr Liu will contact all those choosing Linguistics about teaching arrangements.

A meeting will be held on Dissertations in the 5th week. Time and venue to be confirmed.

History tutorials:

The following students will be taught by Dr Askew: K. Holiday, A. Iliffe, K. Hunter, R. Jourdan, A. Kelly and O. Lough, they should see Dr Askew at 9.50 am on Tuesday of 1st Week.

All other students should see Dr Newby at 9.30 am on Tuesday of 1st week.

Texts for Modern Literature Please will all 3rd and 4th years doing this option get from the Office a copy of “Xiaoxiao” by Shen Congwen, and start preparing for the first class on Tuesday of 1st week.

Language Classes and Tutorials:

See the posted timetable on the CTCFL website (follow links to “student diary”) Same groupings as last term.