eventually 最终
legalization 合法化
advisory body 顾问委员会
proposal 提案
mental disorder 精神病
生育 to give birth
传宗接代 to have children to pass on family names
to show filial obedience
崇尚chóngshàng to advocate; to uphold
一元 monotony; unitary
多元 multiplicity; diversity
倾qīng tendency; inclination
角度 point of view; angle
全面 overall
探讨 to inquire into
讲座 seminar
当时 at that time
立法 legislation
潮流 trend
阻力 resistance; obstruction
歧qí to discriminate
忽视 to overlook; to ignore
意愿 wish; desire
渠qú medium of communication; channel
发生转变 (for) change (to take place)
艰巨 arduous
肩负、、、责任 to shoulder responsibility