to launch 发动
poverty line 贫困线
wide disparity 巨大的差距ju4
early stage 初期
to maintain stability 保持稳定
crucial factor 关键因素
allocation of resources 资源分配pei4
golf course 高尔夫球场
farmland 耕geng1地
to fuel anger 激起愤怒fen4nu4情绪xu4
to go against 违背wei2bei4
贫富差距 disparity between rich and poor
无可辩驳bian4bo2 beyond all dispute
两手空空 have nothing in hands
过大、 excessively big
过于集中 excessively gathered up
停滞zhi4不前 stagnate; to be at a standstill
动荡dang4不安 disturbed; turbulent
城乡 town and country
有限 limited
奢侈she1chi3 luxurious; extravagant
场所 place