M.Phil Year 2 Translation 07HT Week 4

Made in Britain, dumped in China

1.  Working in the middle of it all are children, some as young as four, sifting though the waste with their bare hands.

2.  Regardless of how carefully you separate your waste, there is a good chance a disposal firm will dump it all in together with other kinds of plastic trash and ship it to the developing world to be dealt with by a family of migrant workers earning a pittance.

3.  Britain dumps around two million tones of waste in China every year, everything from plastic mineral water bottles to shopping bags and other forms of superfluous packaging from some of the country's biggest supermarkets.

4.  The high levels of pollution in the nearby river and the poisoned sky are the price of waste disposal in the developing world.

5.  According to Chinese figures, rubbish imports from abroad have grown steadily in the past decade and 70 per cent of toxic plastic produced around the world each year now finds its way illegally into China.