to be deeply religious 热心于信奉fèng宗教
foreign religion 外来宗教
to be accepted 得到认可
a small group 一小部分人
significant 关键性的
family cult 家庭性的宗教崇拜chóngbài活动
to flourish 盛shèng行;活跃
superstitious 迷信
to have survived 存留下来
to experience a revival 得到... 复兴
赞成 to agree to
寺院 temple
传播 propagate; spread
遇到...障碍 to meet with difficulties
经历...过程 to experience…
造成...破坏 bring damage to…
灾难性的 disastrous
做出...努力 to put in effort
恢复(政策) to readopt
重新 once again; re-
场所 places
危害 to harm
邪教 heresy