AIDS activist 艾滋病防治工作活动家
work fighting to support AIDS sufferers 艾滋病救助工作
saving 积蓄
flyer 宣传品
to save a patient 救助病人
to adopt an orphan 收养孤gū
courageous 勇敢yŏnggăn
to expose 揭露jiēlù
to have pressure 承受压力
to regret 后悔huĭ
歧qí to discriminate
恐艾症 AIDS phobia
谈艾色变 to turn pale at the mention of AIDS
把...强加到...身上 to impose sth. on sb.; to make responsible for...
病因 cause of the disease
救援 to rescue
基金 fund
a measure word for printed publications in book form
书籍jí a collective name for books
出版物 publication
关注 to pay attention to
to suffer from hardship
愧疚kuìjiù guilty
遭zāo受...待遇dàiyù to receive ...treatment