Oral Presentation

Week 5: topic-based presentation (Darfur-Beijing Olympics)



        近日,Steven Spielberg 辞去了北京奥运会艺术顾问的职位,理由是对中国政府就达尔夫尔的政策不满。此事件一出即成为各大报刊头条。支持者推波助澜,认为应利用奥运会对中国政府施加压力,更有人把问题延展到中国人权、西藏等方面,也不乏老调重弹者,再次质疑奥委会授权北京举办奥运的决定;然而反对呼声也不绝于耳,奥运作为人类和平与竞技精神的象征,是否应该被政治化?在奥运即将举办之际,把一直备受争议的中国推上风口浪尖,居心何在呢?北京有多大能力改变达尔夫尔情况呢?





"China is also concerned about the humanitarian situation in Darfur. [But] empty rhetoric will not help. We hope that relevant people will be more pragmatic", said the Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao.



China responded to the growing criticism on Thursday, with its foreign minister saying it was "understandable if some people do not understand the Chinese government policy on Darfur, but... that some people may have ulterior motives".


Tessa Jowell, the Olympics Minister, said today that a proposed boycott of this year's Games would be counter-productive. "The world has known for the last seven years that Beijing would host the Olympics. Most progressive governments accept that there are wholly unacceptable aspects of Chinese policy but that did not stop the International Olympic Committee [IOC] awarding them the Games," she told The Times newspaper.






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