Topic: Anti drug Champaign

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Many kids have their first encounter with drugs and alcohol through someone in their family or a close friend. That’s how I got started. I was 12 and hanging out with some older cousins during a family vacation. I wanted to be cool like them, so when they offered me a hit of marijuana, I took it. For about 3 years, I only smoked pot when I was with my cousins. But then I started high school and found myself smoking pot everyday. I could make a simple cell phone call and instantly have access to drugs.

My parents didn’t have a hard time figuring out I was regularly smoking weed…my clothes, my hair, my room all wreaked of it. They immediately had me meeting with counsellors and often screened me for drugs. It was when the screening began that I started going to the Internet to find ways to pass a drug test. Guess what? If you type in “how to beat a drug test” into Google, you can get a ton of Web sites!

From that point on, the Internet became my first source of drug information. I found out about ‘smoking herbs’, how to grow marijuana, make crack, recipes for LSD, how to make pot more potent, you name it—I found it! I stumbled onto a site called through a Google search. It was a mecca for pro-drug information! Eventually, I linked my IM to the site so my friends could access the information, too. We would order drugs online, even prescription drugs. All we needed was a credit card or billing address. Pretty easy. I had a MySpace profile, but didn’t really visit it regularly. Of course, everything that was in my profile was about getting high. My friends and I would post pictures from parties—one friend even had instructions on how to make drug paraphernalia.

So, how did I keep circumventing my parents? We had four computers in the house and I had a personal laptop. Because of my drug habit, I also had messed up sleep patterns, so I’d log-on when everyone else was asleep. During the day hours, anytime my mom walked by me, I’d close out all my screens or have a new game of Solitaire up. While I was buying drugs online, my mom was on the Internet looking up ways to help me with my suspected addiction. But she hadn’t learned how to monitor where I was going online.

Now I’m 17 years-old and four months into treatment. I’m doing much better now and getting my life back in order. If I had any advice to share with parents, it would be to not give up and don’t turn a blind eye to a suspected problem. Another thing you might want to keep an eye out for is if your teen has a part time job, but never has any money. That was me. Also, get to know ALL your kid’s friends. I only brought a select, good few home, but never my drug buddies. Beyond the more obvious signs of drug use, these are some subtle things to be looking out for.

*As told to by Sean