M.Phil Year 2 Translation 09HT Week 6

China to aid recession recovery by doubling UK exports 

1.  Britain's recovery from recession can be helped by a doubling in exports to China over two years, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said following talks in Downing Street with the Far Eastern giant's Premier Wen Jiabao this morning.

2.  Mr Brown said: "I believe that there is much scope for trade and investment to expand between our two countries even in these most difficult of times for the global economy.

3.  Today's meeting was one of a series of talks with leaders of the G20 group of leading economies ahead of the London summit in April, at which Mr Brown said "work against protectionism" would be a major theme.

4.  The Prime Minister said he and Premier Wen shared a vision of improved regulation, transparency and integrity in the financial markets as well as more effective financial institutions, open markets and avoiding protectionism.

5.  The coming years will see opportunities for British companies in China, particularly in sectors like precision instruments, plastics, low-carbon technology, pharmaceuticals, education and the creative industries, Mr Brown said.