Second year lectures, classes and tutorials timetable

for Hilary Term 2011


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  M T W Th F
10 Oral class A  Rm 204  Dr Zhang   Readings in Classical Rm 207 Dr Meyer   Newspaper reading B  Rm 205 Ms Song
11 Shiji Rm 207  Dr. Winslett Shiji Rm 207  Dr. Winslett Colloquial Chinese A  Rm 205 Mr  Kan Newspaper reading A  Rm 205 Ms Song
Colloquial Chinese B  Rm 204 Mr  Kan
12 Oral class B Rm 204 Dr Zhang   Listening Comprehension     Lang lab. Ms Hu    
2   Modern Readings Rm 206 Dr. Hillenbrand      
3   Modern Readings Rm 206 Dr. Hillenbrand      


Bouzy, Choi-Schagrin, Fuscone, Harris, Kinoshita, Kirkup, Legarda Herranz


Penman, Potter, Style, Walsh, Weston, Wildman