Third year language assignments for HT 2011

The newspaper translation and reading comprehension exercises will be posted onto the Assignments area of the WebLearn site.

Topics Prose composition Interpreting Listening comprehension
W1 Politics live blog - Monday 17 January Local Election  
W2 A flat festival tonic for Britain Credit Crunch  
W3 Egypt unrest a dilemma for Obama

Would Western democracy ensure world peace? 

W4 Mandarin 'should be available' for all English pupils The Teaching of Mandarin  

Vaccinate all children, demands mother of girl killed by swine flu

Infectious diseases
W6 Cyber war threat exaggerated claims security expert Which is more trustworthy, mainstream media or bloggers?

China enters race to develop nuclear energy from thorium

Nuclear power  
W8 China's security tsar warns over 'jasmine revolution' Threat or Opportunity?