MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation 11HT Week1


  1. Children want to celebrate Christmas. As parents we have to buy gifts for them so they won't feel neglected.



  1. Most Chinese who celebrate Christmas were born after 1980 and have no religious beliefs. Most have never read a Bible and many know nothing about what Christmas means to Christians.



  1. Throughout the Christmas period, almost all the shopping malls in China have large-scale promotion activities.

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  1. 孩子们要过圣诞节。作为父母,我们得给他们买礼物,这样他们才不会觉得被忽略/忽视了。


  1. 大部分过圣诞节的中国人是1980年后出生的,没有(任何)宗教信仰。大部分人从来没读过《圣经》,也不知道圣诞节对基督徒来说意味着什么。



  1. 在整个圣诞节期间,在中国,几乎所有的购物中心都有大型促销活动。