MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation 11HT Week 2


  1. Religious organizations in China run their own affairs independently and set up religious schools, publish religious classics and periodicals, and run social services according to their own needs.



  1. In the course of the country's long history, the various religions in China have become part of the traditional Chinese thinking and culture.




  1. The facts show that remarkable improvements have been achieved in the situation of human rights of the Chinese people, and the freedom of religious belief has enjoyed full respect and legal protection since the founding of New China.

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The Key

  1. 中国的宗教组织独立/自主管理自己的事务。他们开办/设立/成立宗教学校,出版宗教经典和宗教期刊,并且根据自己的需要组织公益活动。



  1. 在漫长的中国历史中/上,各种宗教已经变成/成为中国传统思想、文化的一部分。



  1. 事实表明:自新中国成立以来,中国人权状况有了显著的改善, 宗教信仰自由受到极大的尊重,并受到法律保护。