MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation 11HT Week 5


  1. The primary purpose of these food hygiene rating schemes is to allow consumers to make informed (明智的) choices about the places in which they eat out and from which they purchase food, and, through this, to encourage businesses to improve hygiene standards.


  1. Drug addiction (毒品成瘾)causes young people to drop out of school, and it makes parents lose interest in their children. It pushes people into lives of crime and poverty, destroys ambition and ruins lives.



  1. Depression is a psychological condition (心理状态)that changes how you think and feel, and also affects your social behaviour and sense of physical well-being.

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  1. (实施)食品卫生评级体系主要是为了使/让消费者对在什么地方吃饭、什么地方购买食品做出明智的选择,并且希望通过这个体系鼓励(食品生产)企业 提高他们的卫生水准/水平。



  1. 毒品成瘾迫使年轻人辍学,使(吸毒的)父母对孩子失去兴趣。毒品成瘾还导致犯罪、使生活变得贫穷、摧毁意志并且损害生命。



  1. 忧郁症是一个心理状态。它可以改变你的想法和感觉,还影响你的社会行为能力和身体健康状况。