MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation 11HT Week 6

  1. "Nokia and Microsoft working together can drive (促进)innovation that is at the boundary of hardware, software and services," Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer said.



  1. Scientists calculated the figure by (用来计算)estimating the amount of data held on 60 analogue and digital technologies during the period from 1986 to 2007.



  1. An international group of scientists is aiming to create (发明)a simulator that can replicate everything happening on Earth - from global weather patterns to international financial transactions.

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  1. 微软公司行政长官Steve Ballmer说:“诺基亚和微软的共同努力/合作可以促进硬件、软件和服务交界处(方面)的技术革新。”



  1. 科学家用1986年至2007年间,基于60个模拟和数字技术所测量的数据量来计算这个数字。



  1. 一个国际科学家小组希望能发明一个可以复制从“全球变暖”到“国际金融交易”所有信息的模拟器。