MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation 11HT Week 8


1.      Chinese films do well at international festivals. In 1995, Chinese films won 48 prizes at international film festivals but hardly any of them were shown (上映) in China.



2.      Although a bit weak in certain areas, the film is very much in the Pang Brothers’ style, and with or without its 3D gimmick (效果)is a solid (有力的)and indeed welcome entry in the increasingly rare Hong Kong horror genre (恐怖题材电影).



3.      Today, rock music is centered (流行)on almost exclusively in Beijing and Shanghai, and has very limited influence over Chinese society.


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  1. 中国电影经常在国际电影节上获奖。在1995年,中国电影在国际电影节上获得了48个奖项,但是这些电影几乎没有在中国上映。




  1. 尽管/虽然有些地方还比较不足,但是这个电影带有一定的“彭氏兄弟”的风格。无论/不管用不用3D效果,这部电影在越来越少的香港恐怖题材电影中是一个有力的且确实受欢迎的作品。




  1. 现在摇滚乐只有在北京和上海非常流行,但对整个中国社会没有什么影响。