Tutorial and Other Arrangements for Undergraduates Reading Chinese.


All Students


Collections will be held on Friday, 14 January 2010 in the Institute for Chinese Studies. There will be separate sessions in the morning and afternoon. See separate notice.


A Consultative meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 1 March (7th Week) at 3.00 pm. Anyone with items of business should notify Dr Newby by the end of Friday the previous week.



First Year


Language Tutorials:  See the separate posted timetable of modern Chinese teaching for tutorial arrangements with Ms Hu, and the CTCFL website (follow links to “student diary”)


East Asian Survey Course: 9-10 am Monday to Friday. See



History and Civilization tutorials: Dr Ditmanson will be in touch to arrange tutorials.



Year-abroad meeting: a preliminary meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd at 1pm in the Common Room of the ICS. Everyone must attend (you may bring sandwiches!).

Second Year


Applications for Tam hardship funds should be put in Dr Newby’s tray in the office by 2nd week.


A China Briefing session on the study period in Beijing will be held on Wednesday of 3rd week (2nd  February) at 1 pm in the Common Room (you may bring sandwiches).  Please note that the letters of acceptance have now arrived, and may be collected from the office. Do not lose them, as no duplicate can be supplied!



The Mods written examinations are provisionally scheduled to take place on the 14th and 15th March 2009 (Monday and Tuesday of 9th week) in the Examination Schools.  The oral exam will take place on 11th March (Friday of 8th week). PLEASE NOTE THESE DATES ARE PROVISIONAL AND WILL BE CONFIRMED LATER IN THE TERM.


Topics for Mods tutorials in Chinese history and civilization:

Please sign up for your choice of topic on the notice posted in the lobby of the ICS by 1 pm, Monday of 1st week (17th January). There will be a limit of 4 students for any one option. Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. You will be contacted by your tutor to arrange tutorials.


Third Year


History tutorials: These will be taught by Lily Chang and Marshall Craig who will be in touch to arrange tutorials.  



Language Classes and Tutorials:

See the posted timetable on the CTCFL website (follow links to “student diary”). Same groupings as last term.



Fourth Year



Please contact your supervisor as soon as possible to report on progress made since last term. Students are reminded that tutors will not accept drafts for reading after the 7th week of term.


Ainsworth, Charlie              Dr Ditmanson              Lomas, Kate                          Dr DeWeerdt

Butt, Alice                          Dr Boermel                 McAlpine, Jamie                     Dr Boermel    

Carsten, Paul                      Dr Boermel                 McGill, Ayaka                        Dr Hillenbrand

Duncan, Sarah                    Dr Hillenbrand            OatesWormer, Michael           Dr Newby

Fleming, Sarah                    Dr Scott                      Taylor, Henry                         Dr Ditmanson            

Kane, Clare                        Dr Scott                      Taylor, Tara                           Dr Hillenbrand

                                                                             Waldegrave, Riv                     Dr Ditmanson



Language Classes:  See the posted timetable on the CTCFL website (follow links to “student diary”).  Same groupings as last term.