Third year language assignments for HT 2014

The reading assignments should be submitted on WebLearn

Week Prose composition Interpreting
W1 Gender specific toys 'put girls off' maths and science Continuing Education
W2 China could lose millions of hectares of farmland to pollution Recycling
W3 China's 'Chunyun' Spring Festival Travel Rush Begins: 3.62 Billion Trips Expected Festivals
W4 China fury at Japanese claim that Nanjing massacre never took place War and Peace

Scottish independence: 'Yes' vote means leaving pound, says Osborne

The UK Election
W6 Welfare reforms survive court challenges on bedroom tax and cap The poverty problems

Chinese dissident fails in effort to get murder case heard at European court

An interview of Liu Xiaobo by ABC News

Kunming knife attack: Xinjiang separatists blamed for 'Chinese 9/11'

How can we defeat terrorism