Third year language assignments for HT 2021

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  Prose composition Interpreting
W1 Employers have a duty to spot early signs of domestic abuse Concept of Family in Modern World
W2 Messina to Maastricht: the modest European towns that marked the road to Brexit Employment
W3 'I was appalled to be tarred as misogynist': Variety critic hits back at Carey Mulligan's sexism accusations Pop Culture
W4 Chris Whitty's abuse is a symptom of social media out of control Religions
W5 How age diversity in a presidential Cabinet could affect policies and programs Generation Gap
W6 Touch down! NASA’s Mars landing sparks new era of exploration First Chinese man in space
W7 The Guardian view on Germany's Greens: opportunity knocks Global warming
W8 UK diplomats told to cut up to 70% from overseas aid budget Aid to the Third World