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Jared O'Mara: The MP who went from obscurity to criminality

Former MP Jared O'Mara has been jailed after being convicted of six counts of fraud. The disgraced politician was convicted alongside his former chief of staff of plotting to submit fake expense claims. This is how he went from obscurity to criminality via Westminster.

As one observer put it, Jared O'Mara looked "like a rabbit in headlights" when he was declared Sheffield Hallam's new MP in the early hours of 9 June 2017.

His sudden catapulting into politics that election night surprised his party, his defeated rivals and even himself.

"Frankly, I wasn't expecting it," O'Mara admitted to supporters at the count as the bar manager turned Labour MP celebrated defeating former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg.

He partied until 06:00 BST the following morning, before later turning up bleary-eyed to thank local campaigners.

But his downfall came almost as swiftly as his unlikely rise.

Three months after his stunning ousting of Mr Clegg from a once-safe seat, O'Mara's political career was on the rocks as he was suspended by Labour over accusations he had posted misogynistic, homophobic and racist comments online more than a decade earlier. It would prove to be only the beginning of his troubles.

O'Mara's torrid two years as a parliamentarian were marred by a string of controversies, his resignation from the Labour Party after being re-admitted, sexual harassment allegations, staff resignations and sackings in addition to complaints from constituents.

Finally, in July 2019, having been denounced by his closest aide as "disgustingly morally bankrupt", he declared he would stand down as an independent MP.

O'Mara would soon learn that same aide, Gareth Arnold, had contacted South Yorkshire Police with claims of fraud that have now left both men facing prison.

Only at the resulting trial, after which O'Mara was found guilty of six counts of fraud and cleared of two and co-defendant Arnold was found guilty of three counts of fraud and not guilty of three, did the full chaotic story of O'Mara's stint at Westminster emerge.

Witnesses who gave evidence at Leeds Crown Court painted a picture of a man struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues and a job he was unprepared for.

Jurors heard O'Mara tried to claim about £52,000 of taxpayers' money for work that was never done and jobs that did not exist, allegedly in a bid to fund an "extensive" cocaine habit.

Arnold, who O'Mara appointed as his "chief of staff" after sacking long-serving constituency workers, claimed in court that the then-MP consumed up to five grams of the drug and a litre of vodka a day.

Despite claiming to be the first MP with autism, O'Mara invented a "fictitious" autism charity to defraud taxpayers.

His expenses claims for "Confident About Autism South Yorkshire" listed an address which was in fact a branch of McDonald's in Hillsborough, Sheffield.
It was a dramatic fall from grace for a man who had proudly spoken of overcoming disability to achieve his boyhood dream of becoming a politician.

O'Mara, who has cerebral palsy and was diagnosed with autism in 2018, had promised "every single disabled person out there" he would be an "ally, friend and champion in Westminster".

But by the time he left office, he had spoken just three times in the House of Commons and piles of constituency casework had been left to gather dust.

Sheffield-born O'Mara entered the 2017 snap election with little experience of politics beyond a handful of unsuccessful bids to be a local councillor.

He was, alongside friends, managing and DJing at the city's West Street Live bar and music venue when he was selected as Labour's candidate for the Sheffield Hallam constituency.

He was chosen by the party's ruling National Executive Committee and regional board members through an emergency process which bypassed local branches - a decision the chair of the Sheffield Hallam Constituency Labour Party would later condemn as "cavalier and highly irresponsible".