3rd Year Week 1 MT04

Topic: Where should the rubbish go

Translate the following passage (of 184 words) into Chinese


The Portuguese market for solid waste recycling equipment offers attractive opportunities for U.S. firms. The amount of urban solid waste in Portugal has increased rapidly in recent years due to the growth in urban population and consumption. Waste generation has increased faster than its elimination. Like other countries throughout the world, Portugal has moved from waste disposal to waste management, and finally to waste reduction. As a member of the European Union, Portugal is required to incorporate into its environmental laws all EU environmental directives, including standards for urban solid waste treatment and recycling. Demand for environmental products and services has been mainly driven by regulations. Polluting firms are changing their attitudes about the environment because the government of Portugal is encouraging them to invest in waste minimization, recovery, and treatment, and to develop clean technologies and products. Municipalities are also encouraged to recycle their urban solid waste. The total value of the recycling equipment market in 2001 was $55 million. U.S. firms control approximately 7.6 percent of this market. Average annual growth of 10–15 percent is expected during the next two years.