3rd Year Week 2 MT04

Topic: Jacques Chirac's visit to China

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Chirac's visit boosts Sino-French cooperation
Updated: 2004-10-13 00:54

 French President Jacques Chirac's five-day state visit to China has advanced Sino-French cooperation to a new high, as the two nations commemorate the 40th anniversary of their diplomatic ties with grand celebrations.

 The two nations, both permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, reiterated their respect for multilateralism and the UN Charter in a joint press communique issued during Chirac's stay in China.

 The communique underscored the role of the UN in economic and social spheres, saying the two nations support summits of Group of Twenty nations and are considering mutual establishment of new consulates.

During talks with President Chirac, Chinese President Hu Jintao said an annual meeting mechanism between leaders of both countries should be set up, calling for joint effort to push forward the democratization of international relations.

  Chirac reaffirmed the one-China policy, saying he opposes any move to intensify the tension across the Taiwan Strait and lead to Taiwan independence.

 On Jan. 27, 1964, China and France issued a joint communique, announcing the forging of diplomatic ties with ambassadors to be appointed within three months. France thus became the first major Western country to forge formal diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China.

 Leaders of both nations have attached great importance to bilateral ties, and recent years have witnessed increasing high- level mutual visits, political dialogues and personal contacts.

 President Hu Jintao's state visit to France in January this year furthered the all-around strategic partnership between the two nations, experts say.

The efforts to promote ties have resulted in cooperation that has reached its best in history in the fields of economy, education, culture and science and technology.