Taiwanese businessmen in the mainland

A British businessman is talking to his Chinese counterpart about the settlement Taiwanese businessmen in the mainland.

B: There are now many Taiwanese companies investing in China. They have brought about significant employment opportunities in many provinces. So how did they first start their business here? º

C: 二十多年前,第一批台商从香港进入珠 江三角洲地区,离深圳只有一小时车程的东莞成为台商最早在大陆开始经营的地区之一。后来越来越多的台商在上海以及附近的昆山落了户º

B: Taiwanese businessmen have successfully established themselves in the Chinese Mainland. Can we say this is mainly attributed to the common language and culture they share? º

C: 这是他们把握市场的优势之一,其实台商比全世界的其他企业更了解中国大陆,又比大陆更了解世界,这是台湾经济很早就市场化的结果。º

B: Currently, in Pudong district in Shanghai, there are some 20 housing communities for foreigners to live and work in, with a single largest group from Taiwan. How many Taiwanese businessmen are officially involved in corporate businesses and manufacturing there? º

C: 很少有人能说得清到底有多少台胞在上海投资、工作和生活。不过有一点是肯定的,越来越多的台湾人在上海购房安家,成为这个城市的新居民。甚至有房产专家断言,近几年上海房价的抬升,其中台踊跃购房的因素占到了两成。º

B: Yes, many of them have already settled well in the mainland with their families. I have heard that there are even Taiwanese schools in Canton. º

C: 2000年大陆第一家面向台商子弟的学校出现在东莞。这所学校小学部、初中部,后来还办高中部,目前接收了将近2000名台商子弟入学。如今大陆第一家台商医院也很快将在这里诞生º

B: From the establishment of the school, we can see that the understanding and support of officials from both sides of the straits is very positive. Are there any other positive signs in term of the relationship between the straits? º

C: 今年春节前大陆曾经批准台商包机在上海浦东机场降落,尽管这还不是直航,但毕竟是历史性的突破, 希望这将对未来两岸空中直航起到积极的推动作用。º