Second year lectures, classes and tutorials timetable MT05         

Multimedia Spoken Chinese Textbook + CDROM and Teaching of Chinese Reading Skills will be ready for purchasing from the ICS office on 10 Oct. 2005.  

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  M T W Th F
10 Oral class (A) Rm 206 Dr. Xu Menzi Rm 206 Dr. Starr Classical reading Rm 207 Dr. Chard Rm 204 Ms Song (B) Newspaper reading  B Rm 205 Dr. Xu
11 Mengzi Rm 206 Dr Starr Oral class (A) Rm 204 Ms Song

Oral class (B) Rm 205 Dr. Xu 

Colloquial Chinese A  Rm 204 Mr. Kan Newspaper reading  A Rm 205 Dr. Xu Modern Readings Rm 206 Dr. Liu
12 Listening compreh. Lang lab. Mr. Kan Art (Ashmolean) Ms Vainker Colloquial Chinese B  Rm 205 Mr. Kan   Modern Readings Rm 206 Dr. Liu



Katy Holiday,  Kirsten Hunter, Adam Jourdan, Adam Kelly, Oliver Lough, Andrew Iliffe, John McMillan


William Minter, Christopher Owen, Charles Prior,  Ivan Pun, Isobel Rawlings, Leah Russell,  Amelie Sarrado,  Rafal Stepien