M.Phil Year 2 Translation 05MT Week 6

Chinese measures for Olympic fair play

1.  China has introduced measures to fight corruption in preparing the Beijing Olympics in 2008 that could become a blueprint for a wider campaign against graft, according to international anticorruption experts.

2.  In cooperation with international advisers, the Chinese government has instituted a range of procedures to minimize the potential for corruption in contracts for the Games, which it estimates will be worth up to $16 billion.

3.  Advisers from Transparency International, a Berlin-based nongovernmental organization that works to fight corruption, have also been assisting the Chinese authorities in establishing antigraft measures for the Olympics.

4.  Senior Chinese officials have been reported in the official news media as saying that the new measures have so far ensured that construction projects for the Games have been corruption-free.

5.  However, international advisers and specialists from Hong Kong have been advising the Chinese government that education, transparency and preventive measures are also important.