Second Year (*See separate notice for details of language tutorials)

End-of-year Collection: re-sits will take place on Thursday 5th at the Institute for Chinese Studies:

Modern Chinese at 2 pm

Oral test at 4.35

Chinese History and Culture:  please sign up on the appropriate notice.

Chinese Art: with Mrs. Vainker, Ashmolean Museum.

Economics and Society in Traditional China: Dr Askew.

Traditional Chinese Historiography: Ms DHaeseleer

Period Abroad in Trinity Term:  A briefing meeting will be arranged; details to follow.

Chinese Art Lectures: Lectures are on Tuesdays at 12 pm, Oriental Institute, lecture room 1.

Teaching materials: please acquire from the Faculty Office:-


Multimedia Spoken Chinese Textbook + CDROM and Teaching of Chinese Reading Skills will be ready for purchasing from the ICS office on 3 Oct. 2006.