Valentine's Day 情人节
business 生意
to celebrate (a festival) 庆贺(hè)(节日)/ 过、、、(节)
Chinese calendar 农历
charming 迷人
lavish 奢(shē)华
custom 风俗
past history 来历
浪漫 romantic
七夕节 Qixi (Chinese traditional festival, lit. the 7th evening of the 7th moon, when according to legend the Cowherd 牛郎 and the Weaver Maid 织女 meet in Heaven)
概念 concept; idea
牛郎织女 legendary figures
传说 legend
含蓄(xù) reserved; implicit
伤感 sentimental
西洋 the West; the western world
凑(còu)热闹 to join the fun
人类 human
天性 nature
恐怕 I am afraid (used as an adverb)
宗教 religion
语文课本 Chinese textbook
银河 Milky Way
情侣 lovers