Composition Guidance



Candidates should aim to:


- address the topic directly and adequately within the required length[1] and time constraints

- elaborate and develop the central points

- ensure that the discussion or argument is intelligible and coherent

- avoid deviation from the subject




Candidates should aim to:


- provide a clear structure (e.g. introduction, middle and end)

- provide a smooth and logical transition between points




Candidates should aim to:


- strike a balance between the formal and vernacular

- fluency, rhythm of the language and naturalness

- use appropriate writing style (narrative, commentary,etc) to the topic




Candidates should aim to:


- demonstrate accuracy

- use of a variety of constructions




Candidates should aim to:


- demonstrate a good range and breadth

- demonstrate appropriate use of words and phrases




Candidates should aim to:


- ensure accuracy and legibility

- not to mix simplified with full-form characters



[1] length requirement: at least 250 characters

[2] Candidates are advised to allow time for planning